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Commercial Restructuring Division


This Law has very important advantages so that companies in financial difficulties and that have or will have arrears in the payment of their debts can obtain a break, generating liquidity that allows them to continue their operations while preparing a Plan. of Restructuring that determines under what conditions the company is viable, paying the debts that its financial situation allows under a process supervised by the protection of a specialized Court supported by an Official, the Conciliator, who assists it in these functions and who will approve said Plan.

How can we help?

We have a team of experts who will assist you in your needs through the mechanisms offered by Law 141-15 on Restructuring and Commercial Liquidation of Business Companies and Individuals, both in protection for the continuity of your business, the recovery of your credit or the structured liquidation of your company. 

We can help you in the following cases:

  • If your company is in imminent financial difficulty to pay its debts and projects an event in the medium or short term that could lead to insolvency.

  • If you are a creditor and you suspect that your debtor could become insolvent, making it difficult to recover your credit.

  • If your company or that of your creditor was subjected to a restructuring process by a third party. 

  • If you require the preparation of a Restructuring Plan. 

The services we offer

Advice to companies to benefit from the Restructuring Law.

Advisory services to creditors. (Creditors' Advisor).

Implementation of restructuring plans.

Requests for Restructuring or Liquidation by Creditors.

Advisory services as worker representatives. (Workers' advisor).

Company evaluations for application purposes.  

Expert assistant services for law enforcement parties or officials.

Sale/valuation of assets.

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Our advisors have been part of the most important processes in the country, led by Marcos Troncoso and José Enrique Pérez. 
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