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The Firm

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Jáquez & Pérez

It is a law firm founded in 2003. It represents the union of the professional experiences of theDr. Carolyn Jáquez and Lic. José Enrique Pérez, opening a law office whose basic and fundamental criteria focus on the balanced combination of capacity and constant renewal of knowledge, always in accordance with the changes of a globalized world. 

Being a work team identified by its dynamism and proactivity to resolve the issues under its responsibility,JAQUEZ & PEREZ is projected as a firm whose values are summarized in capacity,high professional level, diligence, ethics and full awareness of the trust placed by its clients, who not only entrust us with legal procedures, but also with their objectives and goals.

Mesa del juez

Our logo

Our logo forms the lettersJ and P in the braille system  (cecography), representing the acronyms of the partners' last names. At a general level, the color blue projects loyalty, trust, wisdom and truth, which are fundamental values of the Jáquez & Perez. 

The shades of blue represent some of the firm's values, with the light blue of Jáquez's J being a tone that represents impeccability, precision and understanding, while the darker blue characterizes knowledge, integrity and seriousness.  

Both overlapping letters represent the unity of the members of the firm.


Since the 15th century, justice has been represented by a woman who is blindfolded, with a scale in one hand and a sword in the other: Justice does not look at people, but at facts. Our logo seeks to make an analogy of said image using the Braille system, which is a tactile reading and writing system designed for blind people.

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JO logo copia_edited.jpg

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